Aqua Grand Plus Reverse Osmosis RO Water Purifier + UV + UF + TDS Controller + ALKLINE (B12 & MINERALS)

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Aqua Grand Plus Reverse Osmosis RO Water Purifier + UV + UF + TDS Controller + ALKLINE (B12 & MINERALS)



We all are aware how water plays an important role in our health. However, unknowingly, we tend to consume water that has germs and other viruses. Drinking contaminated water can cause many diseases and illness. It's time we realise the importance of filtering water, and to help you, features Aqua Grand Plus water purifier. This water purifier is the ultimate solution to clean and pure drinking water.

Design and Comfort:

Aqua Grand Plus RO Water Purifier is a product that you must have in your collection of Kitchen appliances. It comes in a white color and has a purification capacity of 20 litres in an hour. It comes with a storage capacity of 13 litres and has an auto shut off as well. High in durablity and superior in quality, the purifier has a capacity of 2500 TDS and consumes an input voltage of 230W.


The Aqua Grand Plus RO Water Purifier is essential to ensure that you drink purified water and avoid any contamination of germs that lead to disease. The water purifier has 15 stages and is ideal in your kitchen. It has a high capacity and is durable as well as long lasting. It has a 90% reduction of TDS and comes with 2 pre filters as well as a main unit. You can easily mount it on your kitchen wall or get it installed through our executive for free.

Structure specification:

The body of this water purifier is made up of Virgin plastic, which is popular for its toughness and durability.

Stage purification process:

This product follows RO + UV + UF + TDS Controller + ALKLINE (B12 & MINERALS) filtration process, where RO (Reverse Osmosis) helps dissolve solids when water passes through the RO membrane, the UV (ultraviolet) radiations kill microorganisms and contaminants, the UF removes dispersed material, suspended solids, and other large molecular weight materials from water which are harmful to human health. The auto TDS (total dissolved solids) controller ensures that your drinking water has all the natural minerals for safe, tasty, healthy water.


Say goodbye to diseases:

Falling sick frequently and catching common water-borne diseases are things of the past. Get Aqua Grand Plus Ro water purifier home and ensure a 100% protection to your family against germs and contaminants. Get the ro water purifier online with a few easy clicks and get it installed today itself.

So, bring home an Aqua Grand Plus Water purifier today and enjoy the power of Aqua Grand Plus Technology.


1 Year Warranty On Electronic Components.

675 Reviews

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    Nice product

    Posted by Gaurav baheti on 28th Mar 2020

    Amazing product & gd service

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    Nice product

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    Genuine product

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    Now feeling safe

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    Quality product

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    Good product at reasonable price

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    Good as usual. Just keep providing us good quality water.

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    good customer support

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    Good water purifier

    Posted by Ranajit Banerjee on 28th Mar 2020

    The water purifier is good. Got it in a sale

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    Beautiful good looking

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    cheep & best

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    Excellent Product

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    Excellent Product
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    Value for money and good installation service

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    Looks good

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    Value for money